Inktober 2019: Week One

01: "RING"


03: "BAIT"

04: "FREEZE"

05: "BUILD"

06: "HUSKY"


Getting excited for new Joker movie, so I made a new piece!

Card #7: "The Chariot"

Storyboard Animatic from "Magnolia" by P.T. Anderson

Card #5: "The Hierophant"

Card #2: "The High Priestess"
Haunted Mansion Tarot Series

Card #1 from my Haunted Mansion Tarot series: “The Magician”

Beginning of a new Haunted Mansion Tarot series!

The Shazam Family!

Night-time sketch: Accordion girl!

Just watched Captain Marvel, so here's a new piece (with Goose!)

Quick paint inspired by yesterday's hike.

Been messing around with Copic markers. Time to revisit my favorite show.

Painted two gouache watercolor landscapes today

Quick paint: "Whittlin'

"Coffee Shop Romance"

"Hot and Fresh Daily"

Inktober, 2018: Week four











Inktober, 2018: Week three








Inktober, 2018: Week two