New White Canary piece for Heroes and Villans Fan Fest!
For Sale Here

New Felicty Smoak piece for Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. Also available online: Here

Inktober 2017

New Haunted Mansion piece for Halloween: "Cat-Woman" Changing Portrait

New portrait commission from today.

Recent commission: Baby Jon Snow and Ghost

New art for the Comic Conspiracy Podcast.

Black Lantern

Recent commission. "Portrait as a Black Lantern."

"The Manhunter"

"Welcome, foolish mortals." New Haunted Mansion piece.

Twin Peaks: The Return

"It's happening again." New print to celebrate the return of TWIN PEAKS.

Harley and Ivy

Someone at a con asked me if I planned to make a Harley and Ivy piece. This one's for you!

New Commission

Nothing beats the friendship between a man and his dog.

Hamilton Model Sheets

Hamilton model sheets. Angelica Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton.

Women of STAR WARS

Princess Leia

New Princess Leia painting in remembrance of Carrie Fisher.

Jyn Erso

New Jyn Erso piece from Rogue One.


I've been loving Westworld, so I made a new piece to honor it.

Couple portrait

Last minute commission for a gift. Hope they like it!


While getting ready for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland, I decided to make a new piece with some of my favorite ducks!