New Animal Crossing piece! It's the only thing keeping my sanity intact during this quarantine!

New Harley Quinn piece in her Marilyn Monroe outfit from "Birds of Prey."

A painting for one of my favorite Twin Peaks couples.

Made a new Harley piece after seeing the Birds of Prey movie!

Trying out Procreate for the first time AND rewatching Twin Peaks!

Baby Yoda!

Haunted Mansion Tarot Card #9: "The Hermit"

Haunted Mansion Tarot Card #8: JUSTICE

Inktober 2019: Week four

22: Ghost

23: Ancient

24: Dizzy

25: Tasty

26: Dark

27: Coat

28: Ride

29: Injured

30: Catch

31: Ripe

Inktober 2019: Week three

15: Legend

16: Wild

17: Ornament

18: Misfit

19: Sling

20: Tread

21: Treasure

Inktober 2019: Week two

8: "Frail"

9: "Swing"

10: "Pattern"

11: "Snow"

12: "Dragon"

13: "Ash"

14: "Overgrown"

Inktober 2019: Week One

01: "RING"


03: "BAIT"

04: "FREEZE"

05: "BUILD"

06: "HUSKY"


Getting excited for new Joker movie, so I made a new piece!

Card #7: "The Chariot"

Storyboard Animatic from "Magnolia" by P.T. Anderson

Card #5: "The Hierophant"

Card #2: "The High Priestess"
Haunted Mansion Tarot Series

Card #1 from my Haunted Mansion Tarot series: “The Magician”

Beginning of a new Haunted Mansion Tarot series!

The Shazam Family!

Night-time sketch: Accordion girl!