Inktober, 2018: Week two








Inktober, 2018: Week One








"Man-Hunter" Animatic

Finally finished this oil painting I have been working on. Time for a frame!

Did some sketching while re-watching the IT CROWD. Still just as funny!

Batgirl Quick Sketch

New Rockwell-inspired SHAZAM piece

Handmaid's Tale

Started watching season two of HANDMAID'S TALE, so I made a sketch. Maybe I'll take it to color.

New Poison Ivy piece

New pieces I made after seeing Marvel's Black Panther.

Since I enjoyed “Spider-Man: Homecoming” so much, I made a new piece.

"The Three Amigos" reverse storyboards

Quick paint of cliffs

Some expression studies

Felt like drawing an 80s woman.

Recent commission

Took one of my Inktober sketches to a paint.

New piece of the 13th Doctor while we wait for more Dr. Who.

New piece of Rose Tico from Star Wars

New White Canary piece for Heroes and Villans Fan Fest!
For Sale Here

New Felicty Smoak piece for Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. Also available online: Here

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