"Coffee Shop Romance"

"Hot and Fresh Daily"

Inktober, 2018: Week four











Inktober, 2018: Week three








Inktober, 2018: Week two








Inktober, 2018: Week One








"Man-Hunter" Animatic

Finally finished this oil painting I have been working on. Time for a frame!

Did some sketching while re-watching the IT CROWD. Still just as funny!

Batgirl Quick Sketch

New Rockwell-inspired SHAZAM piece

Handmaid's Tale

Started watching season two of HANDMAID'S TALE, so I made a sketch. Maybe I'll take it to color.

New Poison Ivy piece

New pieces I made after seeing Marvel's Black Panther.

Since I enjoyed “Spider-Man: Homecoming” so much, I made a new piece.

"The Three Amigos" reverse storyboards

Quick paint of cliffs

Some expression studies

Felt like drawing an 80s woman.

Recent commission

Took one of my Inktober sketches to a paint.