My pages for an upcoming comic anthology. 
Lettered by Micah Myers.


Felt like drawing Princess Diana in her Revenge Dress.


Excited for the finale of House of the Dragon tonight! Made a new Alicent piece!


I'm really enjoying this season of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. Here's a piece I made of Princess Rhaenyra.


Last of my Haunted Mansion Major Arcana Tarot series: "The World!"


Quick self-portrait

New Haunted Mansion Tarot: "Judgement"



New Haunted Mansion Tarot Card: "The Sun"


Made a new piece of my favorite tv vampires!


New Doctor Strange Piece after watching "Multiverse of Madness"


"Lady in the Radiator" from David Lynch's Eraserhead.


The Batman is now streaming! Made a new CAT WOMAN piece inspired by the movie.


New Haunted Mansion Tarot card: "The Moon!"


New Haunted Mansion Tarot Card: "The Star"


New card in my Haunted Mansion tarot series: "The Tower"


I made a thing. "Schitt's Peaks."


New Haunted Mansion Changing Portrait: Dracula


                                Finally painted my version of one of my favorite                                     paintings: Marc Davis’ Redhead from Pirates of the Caribbean!


New comic based on true events.


I've been enjoying the new Loki TV show, so I made a new piece!


New Tarot Card in my Haunted Mansion series: "The Devil"

Two new tarot cards for my Haunted Mansion series: Temperance and Death! 


I'm really enjoying the Marvel TV shows coming out. Here's a new WandaVision piece!


Midsommar Quick Paint


While my power was out today, I made a comic. Based on true events.




New Haunted Mansion changing portrait: "Witch of Walpurgis"

 I was in a Twin Peaks mood recently (just for the past 30 years).