Sketch from #sjmade this last weekend.



Every massage I’ve ever had, in comic form.


Night-time messing around in Procreate.

True Story.

Happy New Year!



Night sketch


Just watched WHIPLASH for the first time. AMAZING! Here's a quick paint.

Just watched Godzilla Minus One and downloaded Procreate Dreams! Here's a quick sketch animation.
#godzillaminusone #procreatedreams



Brendan Fraser in THE WHALE.

The only nice things about being sick all weekend: Watching movies and making art.



                                "Hi, BARBIE!"

                            Just rewatched with family, so I made a quick paint.


"You can keep doing that forever, the dog is never going to move".

I painted my version of Marc Davis' scene from Disney's Pirates of the Carribbean.


New #mrtoadswildride piece! A classic #disneyland ride that I hope they never get rid of!

 Quick paint


My pages for an upcoming comic anthology. 
Lettered by Micah Myers.


Felt like drawing Princess Diana in her Revenge Dress.


Excited for the finale of House of the Dragon tonight! Made a new Alicent piece!


I'm really enjoying this season of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. Here's a piece I made of Princess Rhaenyra.


Last of my Haunted Mansion Major Arcana Tarot series: "The World!"


Quick self-portrait

New Haunted Mansion Tarot: "Judgement"



New Haunted Mansion Tarot Card: "The Sun"


Made a new piece of my favorite tv vampires!


New Doctor Strange Piece after watching "Multiverse of Madness"


"Lady in the Radiator" from David Lynch's Eraserhead.


The Batman is now streaming! Made a new CAT WOMAN piece inspired by the movie.


New Haunted Mansion Tarot card: "The Moon!"


New Haunted Mansion Tarot Card: "The Star"


New card in my Haunted Mansion tarot series: "The Tower"


I made a thing. "Schitt's Peaks."


New Haunted Mansion Changing Portrait: Dracula


                                Finally painted my version of one of my favorite                                     paintings: Marc Davis’ Redhead from Pirates of the Caribbean!


New comic based on true events.


I've been enjoying the new Loki TV show, so I made a new piece!


New Tarot Card in my Haunted Mansion series: "The Devil"

Two new tarot cards for my Haunted Mansion series: Temperance and Death!