Finally painted my version of one of my favorite                                     paintings: Marc Davis’ Redhead from Pirates of the Caribbean!


New comic based on true events.


I've been enjoying the new Loki TV show, so I made a new piece!


New Tarot Card in my Haunted Mansion series: "The Devil"

Two new tarot cards for my Haunted Mansion series: Temperance and Death! 


I'm really enjoying the Marvel TV shows coming out. Here's a new WandaVision piece!


Midsommar Quick Paint


While my power was out today, I made a comic. Based on true events.




New Haunted Mansion changing portrait: "Witch of Walpurgis"

 I was in a Twin Peaks mood recently (just for the past 30 years).


Painted a new Haunted Mansion changing portrait. Just in time for Halloween!


New Haunted Mansion Changing Portrait: "April-December"

Recent Commission: Agents of Shield and Captain Marvel

New Commission!

New commissioned piece: Disney's Mulan

New piece for my Haunted Mansion Tarot Series: "Strength"

New piece for my Haunted Mansion Tarot Series: "The Hanged Man"

New piece for my Haunted Mansion Changing Portrait Series: "Master Gracey"

New piece for my Haunted Mansion tarot card series: "WHEEL OF FORTUNE"

New Animal Crossing piece! It's the only thing keeping my sanity intact during this quarantine!

New Harley Quinn piece in her Marilyn Monroe outfit from "Birds of Prey."

A painting for one of my favorite Twin Peaks couples.

Made a new Harley piece after seeing the Birds of Prey movie!

Trying out Procreate for the first time AND rewatching Twin Peaks!

Baby Yoda!

Haunted Mansion Tarot Card #9: "The Hermit"

Haunted Mansion Tarot Card #8: JUSTICE

Inktober 2019: Week four

22: Ghost

23: Ancient

24: Dizzy

25: Tasty

26: Dark

27: Coat

28: Ride

29: Injured

30: Catch

31: Ripe

Inktober 2019: Week three

15: Legend

16: Wild

17: Ornament

18: Misfit

19: Sling

20: Tread

21: Treasure